Black Screen or Wii Game not loading when using USBLoaderGX

First Check

In USBLoaderGX go to the settings > credit, look at the top right. (this cIOS in the one used by the loader, not the games)

Second Check

Then check Settings > Loader settings > Game IOS.

By default, the cIOs used by loaders is slot 249. In that slot, you should have d2x cIOS v10 (beta52 or 53) with base 56. if it’s not the case, try to reinstall d2x cIOS, or try another slot in the settings.

Sounds complicated but I will guide you through, firstly launch d2x cIOS Installer from the Homebrew Channel .

The Fix

On your Nowplay SD Card we have installed dx2 CIOS Installer to enable you to install all the cIOS needed for your Wii. You will need to prepare your Wii by setting up the internet connection (Do not update).


Make sure your Wii is online

Click through using button A until you come to the screen Above.

Use the up, down , left and right and navigate to the red numbers (failed) or purple (cancelled), then press button A and follow the prompt’s, basically press A a few times

And do this for each of the failed CIOS

Now open USB loader GX again and see that the games work 🙂

Or Step by Step

  1. Open the dx2 CIOS Installer.
  2. Click Load
  3. Press A and then press A again on the next screen
  4. Move the Cursor to a red or purple one that needs updating
  5. Press A
  6. Wait for it to install everything
  7. Press B to exit

Now open USB loader GX again and see that the games work

Other fixes

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