Wiimote 1 acts as both mouse in port 1 and joystick in port 2. To use Wiimote as mouse you have to point it towards the screen, also for the buttons. Some games require the disabling of the mouse emulation to work; others require the disabling of the second and third joystick button. You can also use a real mouse plugged into the usb port. There is a graphic virtual keybord called by “+” button which uses the IR Wiimote pointer.

The Amiga is emulating an Amiga too well as the Amiga was always slow and complex to load games back in the day too.

Quick Start

Pressing home brings up the menu then you would select the game disks into the DF0 – DF4 (drives) some games are on multiple floppies so it’s best to set up all the floppies in each disk for the specific game! So Disk 1 in DF0 and Disk 2 in DF1 etc …

Then select States Load (saved game states), if you select none it will load the game and run it!

Because there are so many games it causes a delay in displaying the games list and often black screens while its loading.

We do not make the emulators and have not played every game so cant tall you about every game and its controls.

Commodore Amiga Games

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