Finding the Wii Games (USB version)

Make sure that you have the USB Stick in the bottom port, In Homebrew select the USB loader GX and open it by pressing Button A, then click load. (if you have one of our Wii’s then you can simply open it from the home screen)

Then you should be presented with all the Wii games on the USB stick.

The games displayed may differ from the photos as some wills have different games

Just click the game and click load, now play

The games displayed may differ from the photos as some wills have different games
User Interface

There are multiple buttons in the USB Loader GX interface.

Star – Shows games that you have marked as “favorites”.
Search – Lets you search for games by name.
Sort – Cycles through sorting methods for games.
Platform – Choose to sort games by platform.
Category – Sorts games by category.
List – Shows games in a list view.
Multi-Cover View – Shows games in a multi-cover view.
Cover Carousel View – Shows games in a carousel view.
Wii Menu View – Shows games in a Wii Menu view.
Parental Control – Locks USB Loader GX.
Disc – Loads a game via disc.

Pressing any game will allow you to play the game by pressing “Start”.

There are also other buttons:

Icon – “Install” a game, i.e. loading it from disc and dumping it.

On the middle of the bottom of the screen, you can see how much space is free on your USB drive and how many games you have.

To add and remove Wii games from your system you will need computer and WBFS Manager which takes iso images and converts them to Wii format then adds them to a USB stick.

You can get additional wii games and other roms from these sites.

 Vimm’s Lair

Emu Paradise

There are more places found in google under “Wii Roms”

Hard drives

Although we supply a USB stick with some of our SD cards, you are not limited to only that amout of space, you could use a compatable hard drive in the same slot and USBLoaderGX will index that instead.

A list of compatable drives can be found here