Game Bundles

We have selected the preserved some of the best Wii games for your Wii, enabling your children to play the same games you did when you were their age.

This is not for profit, as the price is only to cover our hosting and bandwidth.

We have grouped them into 32gig bundles which can be purchased and easily put on to a 32Gb Fat 32 USB stick, or a 32Gb SD card (read description), to make your own retro Wii.

You can buy a compatible SD card  (32GB SanDisk  SDHC CLASS 4) for just £6.79 from picstop, likewise you can buy a compatible USB Stick  (Kingston 32GB DataTraveler) for just £7.92 from Amazon.

After purchase you will receive an email with the link for the download. If you can not find your email in your normal inbox, it is worth checking in your spam or junk mail section.

Pre Made Wii’s

Alternatively for the cost of the items and postage we can send you a used replacement Wii with a preconfigured new USB Stick and or SD Card. So you just have to plug it in and play. Free Postages in the UK

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