SD card plus USB bundles

All going well, you have a Wii that has already got homebrew on the home screen.

So if this is the case then you can make use of our SD Card and USB stick bundles on your existing wii.

It will be just a matter of inserting our SD card into the front of your Wii and putting our USB stick in the bottom USB port at the back.


Now turn on your wii and open homebrew, then open USBloaderGX.

When thats open you will see all the wii games on the USB stick, so now play.

Getting the Emulators on your home screen

We have made this as simple as possible and if you want the Emulators on the home screen then here is how to do it.

Do you want more?

Game icons on home screen

Here is how to get the games on the home screen.

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