Sega Master System

SMSPlus is an Sega Master System/Game Gear Emulator. This is a port of SMS Plus created by Charles Mac Donald, now ported to the Wii with optimisations. This is a port of Charles MacDonald’s SMS Plus emulator, based on Softdev’s last release, with some compatibility fixes and additional features.

Sega Master System Games

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* accurate Sega Master System & Game Gear Emulation with sound
* FM unit emulation (Japanese Master System)
* 2 Players support
* Savestate support (compressed, saved on MCARD and SDCARD)
* Load a game from SDCARD or DVD (4.7GB support for Wii users)
* SMS BIOS support
* 3D glasses faking
* Light Phaser & Paddle emulation
* internal Game Database for automatic configuration
* Zipped rom support (.zip only)
* Original NTSC & PAL progressive rendering modes (240p/288p) support
* Interlaced (576i/480i) & Progressive (480p) TV mode support
* Wiimote, Nunchuk & Classic Controller support (WII mode only)
* full Overscan area (horizontal & vertical colored borders)

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