Gamecube Games and Nintendont

You can boot Nintendont either directly from the Homebrew Channel or via USBloaderGX.

Our 32gb and 16gb SD cards are already configured with Nintendont with the games folder in the correct location, however if you want to Rip or Add more gamecube games you will need to either make another SD card or usb drive. And place a games folder called “games” on the root of the USB, where you will rip or place your games.

USB:/games/Name of game [GameID]/game.iso

For example, the USA version of “Super Mario Sunshine” would be like this:

USB:/games/Super Mario Sunshine (USA).iso


The best program to use to rip gamecube iso’s on your wii is CleanRip which is installed on our SD card.

This will produce perfect 1:1 images that will work perfectly with Nintendont which is also installed.